Good House Keeping

Star Refrigeration standard document outlining the importance of basic tidiness on site. 

Author: Star Refrigeration


A                      GOOD HOUSEKEEPING

B          HOUSEKEEPING is important in order to protect people and materials.          

Combustible materials left lying around are a FIRE HAZARD.

Other materials left in the way can cause people to trip over them.  Round section materials are especially hazardous.

Carelessly or untidily stacked materials can topple over causing damage and injury.

C          A tidy site is likely to be a safe site and vice-versa.  The Health & Safety At Work Act lays down that we must have safe place of work!

D          GOOD HOUSEKEEPING means

1  Keeping rubbish and loose objects clear of the floor and  walkway areas.

2   Disposing of all such rubbish into skips or designated areas.

3   Stacking/storing all materials safely.

 4   Keeping all tools and equipment in their proper places except  when actually in use.

ACCESS WAYS are escape routes.  A safe place of work at all times includes a safe means of access and egress to all places where work is done.  Do not leave materials/tools/benches etc in gangways/corridors where they might impede someone’s escape or cause a tripping hazard.  (It might be your or your best mate who needs to get out in a hurry).

Dismantled wood must always have all the nails removed or made safe by hammering them flat.

If all rubbish is regularly collected and put into the skip, in the event of fire, the danger is confined and more easily dealt with.

Damaged tools or equipment.  Take immediate steps to have them repaired and put them somewhere safe.  If not repairable or returnable they are classified as rubbish and the above applies.

When work is finished, put overalls and other PPE away in lockers or other safe places.  Do not leave belongings lying around.

If you see anything lying around on floors, stairways, passages which could cause people to trip and fall, pick it up and put it in a safe place – DON’T WAIT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO MOVE IT.

If you notice rubbish piling up which you cannot remove, bring this to the attention of your supervisor.

If when working at height you notice loose objects on board or walkways, put them somewhere where they cannot be dislodged.  This avoids the risk of them falling and causing injury.

E          Any questions. 

F          Good housekeeping is everybody’s business on site, it is an ongoing activity and a once a week clean up is NOT ENOUGH.


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