Pressure Systems

Safety guidance relating to working on pressurised systems, legislation and duties

The design, construction, repair and modification of pressure systems will be managed so as to prevent danger and such relevant information as is required in law will be made available and kept for record purposes.

Relevant legislation is the Pressure Systems Regulations 2000

A pressure system is defined as:

  1. A system comprising one or more pressure vessels of rigid construction, any associated pipework and protective devices. 
  2. Pipework with its protective devices to which a transportable gas container (gas cylinder) is connected, but not including the transportable gas container.
  3. A pipeline and its protective devices

which contain or is liable to contain steam or any fluid at a pressure greater than 0.5 Bar above atmospheric.

  1. Any vapour compression refrigeration system incorporating compressor drive motors, including standby compressor motors, having a total installed power exceeding 25kW.

Note: Although smaller systems such as split air conditioning systems are exempt from these regulations they are not exempt from the Work Equipment Regulations and other refrigeration codes and standards.

Managers duties: 

  • Ensure that no pressure system is used or operated at work unless there is a written scheme for the periodic examination of protective devices, pressure vessels, pipework parts and pipelines..
  • Ensure that the safe operating limits of all pressure systems are established, recorded and visibly marked.
  • Ensure that each system is periodically examined in accordance with the written scheme of examination by a competent person.
  • Ensure that recommendations made by the competent person following the periodic examination are complied with. 
  • Ensure that there are clear instructions for the safe operation and ensure that the system is operated according to those instructions by employees.
  • Ensure that the system is properly maintained and that any maintenance log is kept.
  • Ensure that rented equipment has a written scheme and is within its periodic examination by examining relevant records from the hire company.

If you are in any doubt contact the Safety Manager

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