Machine Safety

Safety guidance relating to machinery safety.

In accordance with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 employers will provide machinery equipment and other plant that is safe and will maintain it in a safe manner

In accordance with the Provision and use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) the employer will ensure that equipment provided for work is suitable for its intended purpose and is maintained in an efficient state. Information, instructions and training will also be provided to users of the equipment.

Effective measures will be taken to prevent access to any dangerous parts of machinery or to stop its movement before any part of a person is in danger.

Employees duties

Do not use any equipment, tool or machine for which you have not been trained unless you are under direct supervision of a competent person.

Before using such equipment carry out a visual check to ensure that it is in good condition free from obvious defects and within inspection date if appropriate.

Do not work on any moving or rotating equipment unless it is adequately guarded. If guards need to be removed the energy source (electricity, pressure, etc) must be isolated and locked off. Display a warning sign to indicate to others that you are working on the machine.

 Managers duties

  Keep an inventory of all work equipment such as drills, refrigerant recovery units, pressure washers, angle grinders, bench grinders, lathes, etc.

 Ensure that a risk assessment is undertaken for each item.

 Provide information, instruction and training in the safe use of the equipment. Certification may be appropriate for certain items such as Hilti guns.

 Set up an inspection and maintenance regime for each item, this should be in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. The inspection and maintenance regime must also ensure that moving parts are adequately guarded and that guards remain in place and in good condition.

 Keep records of all inspection and maintenance.

 Equipment that is found to be faulty should be repaired immediately by a competent person or the item must be quarantined in a safe area so that it cannot be used until repaired.

 Provide electrical lock-off devices and padlocks to engineers

 Provide “DO NOT SWITCH ON MAINTENANCE IN PROGRESS” signs to engineers

 Provide “DO NOT SWITCH ON MAINTENANCE IN PROGRESS” signs to engineers

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