Pressure Regulator Inlets

Safety alert giving instruction NOT TO modify pressure regulator inlets 



Safety Alert                              


Ref No



Do Not Modify Pressure Regulator Inlets



Work Place notice boards together with safety meeting.


To avoid confusion and danger, cylinder and pack suppliers differentiate between 300 Bar and 230 Bar by fitting different types of non-interchangeable outlet connections as follows:

 • 300 Bar - have a New European Valve Outlet Connection (NEVOC).

• 230 Bar - have the standard BS 341 outlet connection.

This Safety Alert has been raised because there is anecdotal evidence that a 300 Bar regulator may have been modified to fit a 230 Bar source by removing the NEVOC fitting and replacing it with a BS 341 fitting. Clearly, if the reverse was to happen – a 230 Bar regulator modified to fit a 300 Bar source – the consequences could be grave, therefore:


Regulator inlet connections shall not be modified


Additional points to remember when selecting regulators and pressure testing:

 • You must be trained and approved by your Manager to conduct pressure testing.

• You must be accompanied by an aditional engineer during Strength testing.

• Always double check the contents of the cylinder or pack for type of contents and pressure.

• Ensure that the regulator you have is suitable for the pressure and has the correct fitting.

• Select the lowest available maximum outlet regulator (Do not use a 175 Bar outlet regulator for a 27 Bar test, use a 40 Bar outlet regulator instead).

• You must follow method statement..




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