Cooler Crash Incident

Safety bulletin outlining the precautions to be taken to avoid injury during cooler lift operations 



Safety Alert



Ref No 




Cooler Falls During Lifting Operation



Distribution:     Work Place Notice boards together with discussion at safety meetings



During an operation to lower down a cooler from a cold store ceiling the lifting points being used on the cooler failed and it fell to the ground, falling a distance of 3 m or more. Due to good planning and an excellent safe system of work no one was injured - area cordoned off and store closed.


The mode of failure is not clear and is now the subject of an investigation. However, it is known that the cooler was slung from four of the coolers mounting brackets.  The cooler manufacturer has suggested that these brackets are not suitable for supporting the cooler during lifting or lowering operations.  Therefore, DO NOT lift coolers using these points.


Coolers must not be raised or lowered without clear authorisation from your manager.  A risk assessment and method statement must also be in place. 


If you are in any doubt DO NOT LIFT COOLERS. Speak to your manager?supervisor.



A risk assessment and authorised method statement must be in place and followed. 




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