Working at Heights Scaffolding

Working at Heights Scaffolding 

Short safety talk on working safely when working at heights using scaffolding.

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                                                                                                            Working at Heights Scaffolding

Fortunately, falls from scaffold collapses are fairly rare. However, when they do occur they
tend to be spectacular and with lethal consequences.

A few basic rules are worth memorising for your own safety.  In UK, scaffolding is covered in
Detail by the Construction (Working Places) Regulations (mention specific act here?)

Scaffold Rules

o Scaffolds must be provided where work cannot be safely done from the ground, a permanent structure or appropriate ladders (Regulation 7).

o Erection, dismantling and alteration of scaffolds must only be done by competent persons (Regulation 8).  You must not  do it unless you have a certificate.

o A completion certificate must be available and signed by a competent person before a scaffold is put to use.

o A scaffold must be inspected by a competent person at least every seven days (more frequently in bad weather) and a Record Book signed to that effect.

o Sub-Contractors using a Main Contractors scaffold must satisfy themselves that it is safe (Inspection of the Record Book mentioned above).

o Access to unsafe or un-inspected scaffold must be prevented by barriers  and notices erected to prevent use.  (Regulation 12).

o Toe boards 150mm high and handrails between 914mm and 1.140mm high must be in place at every working platform if the drop is more than 1.980m.  (The gap between toe boards and handrail must not exceed 760mm and should be closed off if materials are stacked on the platform).  (Regulation 28 and 33).

o No plank may extend more than 4 x its thickness beyond its point of support unless it is secured against tipping.  (Regulation 25).

o Never walk along a single plank. Rule of thumb suggestions for minimum width;

o 440mm for a walkway  (2 off  9” planks)
o 640mm for access and working. (3 off 9”planks)
o For access, working and materials (4 off 9” planks or more).  (Regulations 26 and 27).
o Use the ladders or stairway provided.  Never climb up scaffold poles.

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