Wearing and Caring for PPE

Wearing and Caring for PPE 

Short safety talk on working safely when using PPE and information of wearing and caring for the same.

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                                                                                                            Wearing and Caring for PPE

Personal Protective Equipment is intended to protect you from risks that cannot be eliminated or guarded against by other, more effective means.

Your employer must assess the work you do and take all reasonable steps to eliminate or reduce risks (PPE Regulations).  If your employer decides that some risk still remains he must provide you with appropriate PPE.

However, some risks are deemed to be always present, for example on building sites, hence separate Regulations require ‘hard hats’ to be work in ‘hard hat areas’ at all times.

The Health & Safety Executive provides free advice leaflets on PPE for constructions works.

There are a number of statutory obligations on both Employer and Employee;

o PPE must be suitable for the risk and the job in hand - If it is not, then report it.

o PPE must not itself create a new risk – If it does, then report it.

o Employees have a duty to wear any PPE provided by your employer.

o Employers have a duty to see that you do.

o Employees have a duty to take care of the PPE and not to abuse it.

o Employees must wear and use the PPE in the way it was intended – therefore it must fit you. If it does not - then report it.

o Employees have no right to take the PPE off site unless your employer says you can.  Otherwise you must return it to the appropriate storage place after use.

o Employees must understand how to use about how to use PPE (e.g. breathing apparatus) If you are unsure ask for training first.  Employees must be adequately trained.

o Employers must provide PPE that is free of defects, e.g. work out, broken, missing, in need of maintenance or cleaning etc.

o Employees should report any damaged PPE.

ALWAYS remember, your boss is not psychic. If you know of a problem regarding PPE or a risk that needs guarding against - TELL HIM ABOUT IT!

For more information visit www.hse.gov.uk

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